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OfficeNet Workplace – The perfect solution for your office administration.

OfficeNet Workplace™ is an exciting business software solution for the construction industry. This innovative system makes it easy to control and manage projects, workflow and documentation. It provides many time saving features and allows you to capture, store and retrieve the entire knowledge of the company.

OfficeNet Workplace™ is the perfect software solution for companies with 3 – 3000 employees. It’s incredibly intuitive to use and automates many daily office duties and project tasks while allowing you to securely share information both internally and from remote locations.

It has been created to make your business faster, better organised and more profitable. Please visit our online brochure to find out more about the power of OfficeNet Workplace™ and see just how effective it could be for your business!

Seeing is believing

OfficeNet Workplace™ enhances so many aspects of your business that you really have to see it to appreciate just how good it is! It’s not just because it’s been designed specifically for the construction industry; it’s because it’s been meticulously planned and carefully refined over several years to simplify and accelerate many tasks. In short, it’s a revelation and an ‘absolute must’ for any construction company!

Scalable and simple

The system is modular and has many additional time saving functions and optional features – yet it acts as a single solution. It’s completely seamless and designed to maximise efficiency. Work completed in one module automatically updates all the others. Data and contact information are stored centrally and shared globally – saving countless hours of duplication through every department.

Integration is easy

OfficeNet Workplace™ is supplied as a Cloud based system with a monthly price per user or an on premise solution on its own server that is preconfigured to simply plug into your existing network.

It’s designed to fully integrate with any existing network. Workplace uses your everyday application software to perform its duties. You simply select the task (letter, report, email etc) andOfficeNet Workplace™ opens the software and auto inserts any contact details ready for you to start typing.

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“You have to see it to appreciate just how good it is. We have grown from £7M to £60M without needing anymore administration staff and that’s thanks directly to Officenet Workplace!”

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